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Mauro Toselli is an IT Director, Sketchnoter and Speaker living in Merate, Italy.


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This is a fun and unusual book, landscape oriented and bound on the large side, completely handwritten and hand drawn.

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Make it Visual

make it visual a project about sketchnote at work

#Sketchnote4E is a series of workshops part of a broader project called "Make it Visual". Aim of the project is to create and run Sketchnote and Visuals @ Work workshops both basic and advanced up to Enterprise level for company that want to foster Innovation and introduce the use of visuals as a tool. sketchnote for everybody workshop

Sketchnote for Everybody workshops

sketchnote for everybody workshop setup second sketchnote for everybody workshop

Here is my talk at International Sketchnote Camp 2018 in Lisbon

Have fun :-)

Full playlist here!

And a few pictures

International Sketchnote Camp 2018 - Lisbon Full Flickr album here!

I'll be at International Sketchnote Camp 2018

This year is organized by my friend Luis Gonzaga and Daniel Lança Perdigão. It is in Lisboa, Portugal on September 20- 22, 2018.

To know more about the event you can listen this episode of the SketchnoteArmy Podcast

The xLontrax Theory of Sketchnote

I'll talk about a project I started in 2014, resumed in mid 2017 and it is going to become a book: The xLontrax Theory of Sketchnote

During the event I'll release the first parte of the book in ebook-pdf format to all participants


Tickets available on Eventbrite: book your place today!!!

SketchnoteArmy podcast: World Sketchnote Day 2018 episode with Mike Rohde and me


I've been at the
Industry Big Event IBE 2017

16 November 2017

You can read more about the event on Dossier IBE 2017

I've been at the

22-23 September 2017

Please enjoy the recap of the event with the Episode 1/Season 4 of the SketchnoteArmy Podcast

Photos courtesy of the Awesome Thomas Dick

On Friday I've been ivited to run a workshop with my dear friend and super talented sketchnoter Marc Bourguignon and it was incredible and magic! On Saturday I gave another workshop about Visual Problem Solving and was so fun! I met fantastic people I knew only through Twitter and the feeling was we were friends since ages.

I would like to heartily thank you the AWESOME organizers Katharina Theis-Brohl, Andrea Brucken, Diana Meier-Soriat and Marianne Rady

Starting from July, 01 2017 I'm the Chief Technology Officer at GMDE Srl

July 2017

My Sabbatical

It was not an easy choice. I thought, meditated, tried and, eventually, I had to be honest with myself: freelancing is not for me. Here you can see some of the sketchnote I did while "thinking out loud"

One day and a half in London

April 2017

Finished. 2nd watercolor work ever and 1st time I do a #sketchnote specifically to be colored: bit step for me. I'm moderately happy with this. I have too much to recap so I selected the top moments spent with @maccymacx @eatyourgreens @nidhi_narula and @

This is my sketchnoted recap of my time in London. It was awesome! Moreover is the first time I did a sketchnote specifically to be colored.

April, 19 2017, I attended Sketchnote London Meetup.

April 2017

I had the great opportunity to to talk about Visual Problem Solving to an awesome group of talented people! Many thanks to Dr. Makayla Lewis, Nidhi Narula and Sketchnote London for making this possible.

We are open! Come in!

April 2017

I opened an online shop on Society6. You can find som of my drawings, sketchnotes and logos beautifully printed.

I quit!

March 2017

After 17 years in the same company, I took this epocal decision. March 31, 2017 was my last day at office.

Visual Problem Solving v2.0 is here!

March 2017

The first VPS v2.0 Workshop

March 2017

World Sketchnote Day 2017

January 2017

This year we focused on the events our fellow Sketchnoters have organized across the World. All info here


the #SNDay2017 Control Room

The Visual Fortune Cookie

November 2016

On Nov, 21st 2016 I started my second #the100DayProject. See all images in this Flickr Album.

#PiecesofMike: Tribute to Mike Rohde

November 2016

This is the true essence of a Community: different styles, different minds, different approaches for a shared goal, everyone looking in the same direction.

Read the whole story of this project on Sketchnote Army.

The Sketchnote Army Traveling Book and THE Big Man

October 2016

... and here's the big surprise!!! Look who signed the #SABookJourney?!?!! The one, the only... AARON DRAPLIN!!! @draplin

Una foto pubblicata da Michael Clayton (@profclayton) in data:

Hands of #UsPolitics

October 2016

Hands of #UsPolitics - What caught my eyes

I'm particolarly proud of this one.

30 Days of Photo and Sketchnote

October 2016

Day 01. Ma perchè ho iniziato questo progetto? - Why on earth I started this project?

Starting from May 2016, we dedicated 30 days (not in a row) to work on 30 themes : Ilaria take photographs, I do sketchnotes. All of the works will be also published side by side, along with the question of the day on this website. Read more...

The Sketchnote Army Traveling Book

September 2016

This book will travel the world for 2 years, from Sketchnoter to Sketchnoter. Read more

#SDGSketch Project - Sustainable Development Goals

August 2016

Aim of #SDGSketch

You can read more and download the free ebook on the project webpage: #SDGSketch

Virtual guest at Sketchnote London MeetUp!

June 2016

An incredibly nice and smart community! It was a great experience and I had lot of fun!

"100+1 Drawing Ideas for Sketchnoters and Doodlers" is out!

May 2016

100+1 Drawing Ideas

Today, May, 21 2016, the book was released in the wild . I want to thank you all those that encouraged and supported me during #the100DayProject and then in this book project started only 10 days ago. This was truly a gift.

The book is available on:


The Sketchnote Army Podcast - Season 1 - Episode 1

May 2016

Is the first time for me as a guest. It was a great experience and listening my own voice in my acrobatic English is bit odd


May 2016

The Day 100/100 of my #the100DayProject is a "How to draw everything" Sketchnote

I did it! I posted on Twitter a drawing tutorial each day for 100 days. I'm very grateful to the sketchnoters and #todaysdoodle communities: they were so encouraging and supportive!

April 2016

April 2016

Follow me at Milan Design Week

I'll be at Moleskine Smart Writing Centre on Milan Design Week

On Tuesday April 12th at 3pm I'll give the workshop "Free your Notes to Free your Mind" in which we will learn to get the most out of the new Moleskine Smart Writing Set. You can find all details about the location and a bunch of other great activities and events on Tortona Design Week website.

9 Rules of Innovation

March 2016

Sketchnoted recap of "The 9 Rules of Innovation" by Greg Satell www.digitaltonto.com/2016/the-9-rules-of-innovation/

The author of "The 9 Rules of Innovation" Greg Satell republished my sketchnoted recap on his website DigitalTonto and on FORBES.

So honored!!!

National Handwriting Day

January 2016

National Handwriting Day

On National Handwriting Day one of my notes has been featured on " Moleskine International website and on CNN.


World Sketchnote Day

January 2016

World Sketchnote Day

For 24 hours on January 11th of each year (starting in 2016), sketchnoters and sketchnote enthusiasts across the world will celebrate the technique that disrupted note-taking and visual communications!

It was such a fantastic day! Numbers are impressive and I'm very proud and happy

More info on SketchnoteArmy.com.

Visual Problem Solving at Better Software

November 2015

The Sketchnote Workshop in Paper

October 2015

The Sketchnote Workshop in Paper by FiftyThree

The Sketchnote Workshop in Paper is live!

Here you can have a glimpse of the Sketchnote Workshop in Paper. Is very easy to partecipate: just download the free Paper by 53 app on your iPad or iPhone, register and follow me. Between September 21st 2015 and October 4th 2015 I share the slides with the descriptive texts. Starting from day 2 to day 7 there will be assignments, from day 8 to day 14 there will be challenges.

Is that easy! Join us, you'll have fun!

Forme & Percorsi Website

September 2015

Forme e Percorsi

The brand new Forme e Percorsi website is online!!!

Forme e Percorsi, was founded by my friend Davide Galletti who is the Owner and CEO of the company. I helped building the website and it was great. In our endless evenings we always started working on the website and ended up talking about Problem Solving, Systemic Innovation, Inventions. He introduced me to TRIZ, Theory of Costraints. General Theory of Innovation, just to mention some. If you need a "Serial Innovator" Davide is your man!

"Introduction to Networking: How Internet Works" is out!

May 2015

In 2015 I illustrated with sketchnotes Dr. Charles Severance's book "Introduction to Networking: How Internet Works".

Community Teaching Assistant at Coursera

May 2015


For the second year I'm Community Teaching Assistant for 2 MOOC by University of Michigan - School of Information: Internet History, Technology and Security" and "Programming for Everybody"

I know... there is a typo in the certificates :-(

Icon Prague 2015

April 2015

I have been at iCON Prague 2015 where I met Mike in person for the first time.

3 Days with Mike Rohde

April 2015

3 Days with Mike Rohde - Lessons Learned

I definitely fell in love with Prague

April 2015

My visit to Prague travel Sketchnote Prague Apr 23-27 2015

3 Days Sketchnote Workshop

February 2015

The Sketchnote Workshop Feb 2015

"The Sketchnotes Workshop" at La Cicala Bookstore in Merate (Lecco) Italy.

Italian #PR4E #IHTS Office Hours

February 2015

IHTS - PR4E Office Hours

First Italian Office Hours with Dr. Charles Severance from University of Michigan. It was AWEWSOME!

Sketchnote Lecture in my Hometown

November 2014

Sketchnote Army Event @ Libreria La Cicala - Merate

"Sketchnotes per tutti" Lecture I held on Nov, 12 2014 at La Cicala Bookstore in Merate (Lecco) Italy.

XI Festival della Letteratura

October 2014

Festival della Letteratura 2014 - Chivasso (TO) - Sketchnote Lecture

I've been invited to give a lecture about Sketchnotes on Oct, 18 2014 at "I Luoghi delle Parole" XI International Literature Festival in Chivasso (Turin).

The Sketchnote Workbook

September 2014

The Sketchnote Workbook, Mike Rohde's new book, is out and I'm one of the featured Sketchnoters!
You can learn more about the book here

Claire Holgate about #todaysdoodle

July 2014

"...anyone who just likes passing a pen over paper to make something...
should keep doing it, and see what comes out of it..."

Do not miss this fantastic post about #todaysdoodle community on Claire's blog.

I've been appointed as Sketchnote Army Curator!

May 2014

Sketchnote Army is dedicated to finding and showcasing sketchnotes and sketchnoters from around the world.
So proud of this!

MOOCs: Charles Severance lecture at TEDxKalamazoo