... this project?

It was a happy coincidence! I did learn about Elle Luna's project on #the100DayProject on The Great Discontent website and was waiting for a good occasion to jump in.

On Jan, 26th 2016, approaching Groundhog Day, I found myself wondering How to draw a groundhog. I did a very simple tutorial and posted it on Twitter.

Then I did a few more and realized that the process to understand how to draw something would have been a valuable exercise for me and fun for the community, therefore I set a goal to keep myself focused and my #the100DayProject started on February 5th, 2016.

... this book?

Why not? I have a bunch of tutorials and find myself going back to them to draw inspiration and ideas from. Moreover, I had fantastic feedback on Twitter. I love "real" books, and I love the idea of having all of my works in one "physical" place that I can also use to take real notes on the actual pages.

... not an ebook?

I bought, downloaded and collected dozens of ebooks. After the first few days I rarely go back to them and in the majority of the cases I don't read them completely. Portability, paperless, multimedia... yes, yes, all good points. However, my points are:

  • I want it "real"
  • I want to see it on my bookshelf
  • I want to give it away at my workshops
  • I want it to be basic and at low cost
  • I'd LOVE to know that this book, one day, will share a place on a shelf in your bathroom with one of the most successful publications on earth: the IKEA catalogue

... did you say "in your bathroom"?

Yes, I said "in your bathroom". If a book can compete with an iPad/iPhone/Smartphone/Tablet in the most private, relaxing and intimate moments in your day... Well, THAT book accomplished its task in life.

... did you say "basic and at low cost"?

Yes, I said "basic and at low cost". I want people to take notes ON my book, add colors, add features and details, writing on the pages and without regret, without the fear of ruining an expensive book. I want children to play with it, tear the pages off, destroy it without their parents getting mad.

... this 100 + 1?

It's very simple: I did the drawing for day 46 twice.

Oooops... when I see pizza I always get crazy!

... the majority of the tutorials are in 6 steps?

I found that focusing on the process rather than a drawing technique works way better, at least for me, and the process consist in these 6 steps:

  1. Identify dominant lines
  2. Mark foreground dominant lines
  3. Mark following dominant lines
  4. Add significant details
  5. Add fidelity
  6. Finalize

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