The Project


It's been years that we have been discussing to do something together to mash up our passions: two disciplines extremely different but both "visual" and for this reason we thought they were in some way complementary. We made a few experiments, some of them were... "cute"... but nothing that fired up our enthusiasm. A beautiful photo, as well as a good sketchnote is "self-sufficient," adding or subtracting something makes it loses part of its meaning. Moreover, we are very different from each other: our mindsets, the way we live, how we communicate and feel emotions.

Given this, we decided to take advantage of this "diversity" and transform a barrier into an enrichment: we will work on the same topic but each one with her/his specific technique and then we will "pair" our works.

The Idea

First and foremost we need a schedule and subjects!

How it works

You can get in touch with us via the Contacts page.