How it works

Receiving the book

There is no plan or a pre-determined route! You simply can't deliberately request the book: the current Sketchnoter, who host the book, have the right to decide to whom to send the book. You can, of course, get in contact to the current Sketchnoter suggesting your name for the next hop. You can always get in contact with me.

Sending the book to the next Sketchnoter

Delivery costs are on the current host of the book. This book is a bit heavy and, depending on the distance it needs to travel, delivery can be rather expensive. In case you have trouble in affording the delivery cost for the travel you planned, please ask the Sketchnote Army community (or me) to find a Sketchnoter closer to you.

Keep the book traveling

Please, do not hold the book more than 1 week!!! If you have problems with the delivery, you can't figure out to whom to send the book or whatever else PLEASE get in touch with me as soon as possible. Furthermore please make sure that the next Sketchnoter actually want to receive the book.

Share what you do with the book

This is important to track the book in its trip. The sharing platform of choice is Twitter and you need to mention @xLontrax (me) or @SketchnoteArmy, this allow me to gather all the book's related tweets in a collection you can find following on this webpage. If you do not have a Twitter account please keep me informed about all the book's activity using this Contact Form: I'll post everything for you. Here are the best practices:

The last trip of the book when the last page is reached

I kindly ask you to return the book to me. In this way I can create an ebook to share. If you can't afford the delivery cost just let me know.


To avoid any kind of problems I strongly suggest to release your work under Licenza Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution - Not commercial - Share Alike 4.0 International License.

Security and Privacy

First rule of the Sketchnote Army Traveling Book: you do not disclose yours or others personal information, such as addresses, in the book or in the picture you share

Second rule of the Sketchnote Army Traveling Book: you NEVER EVER disclose yours or others personal information, such as addresses, in the book or in the picture you share

This is not a joke, this book travels from hand to hand, can get lost, stolen or misdelivered, you never know in whom hands it can eventually end. Please be careful and respectful

Code of Conduct

Be respectful of others' works and opinions

Do not correct, alter or damage others' works, including by using tools that may bleed through the pages

This book is family friendly and this project is inspired and support the important values of life. I ask to all of those who contribute to this book to adopt and enforce a zero-tolerance policy about any forms of nudity, blasphemy, aggressive, dangerous, degrading or unrespectful language.

I also invite all contributors to take the responsibility and the right to report suspicious or threatening behaviors to the competent authorities

The Timeline

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You can get in touch with us with the Contacts page.